Our Preamble

As a coalition of Black women and girls, we demand the opportunity and have inherited the right to speak on behalf of Black women and girls in the United States of America.

We demand to be treated with respect and dignity that is our affirmation, and we will no longer allow others to define us.

We have value and worth, and are worth saving; we bring an inestimable human value to the world society.

We are local, national, political, social welfare, policy, community based, God fearing and inspired women.

We are women who are HIV positive, women with AIDS and women with no infection at all, who understand that when one of us has AIDS we all have AIDS, and when one of us dies we all die.

We will not tolerate the death of another one of our children and will develop and implement the strategies that will save them.
We have been and will remain the Drum Majors for social justice in HIV/AIDS and will sound the public health alarm for our people.